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Include/Exclude Resources

Miredot documents any REST resource it can find in your project. You can limit this by specifying a filter that excludes/includes certain classes.

miredot {
    restModel {
        filter {
            includes = ['**']
            excludes = ['**Test']

A class is included if it matches at least one rule in the includes section, and no rules in the excludes section (If it matches a rule in both sets, it is not included). There are two wildcards: * and ** , the only difference being that * stops at a . mark, whereas ** crosses . marks.

If no includes are specified, this is equivalent to an include of ** (everything).

Some examples:

  • somePackage.*.SomeClass will match any class named SomeClass under any subpackage of somePackage. It will match somePackage.someSubPackage.SomeClass but not somePackage.SomeClass and also not somePackage.someSubPackage.somSecondSubpackage.SomeClass.
  • **Test will match any class ending in Test in any package.