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Choosing a Rest Framework

Since Miredot 1.6, we support both the JAX-RS and Spring-MVC specification. By default Miredot only scans for JAX-RS interfaces. If you are using Spring-MVC, you will need to set the restFramework configuration parameter explicitly.

In Miredot 2.4.3-java11, we added support for the Jakarta RESTful Web Services. If you use jakarta, you will need to set restFramework to jakarta.

The restFramework configuration parameter can have one of these values:

  • jax-rs
  • spring-mvc
  • jakarta

If you are using Apache CXF, you will also have to provide cxf-specific configuration.

An example configuration for Maven and Gradle can be found below:

restModel {
        name = 'spring-mvc'

For more information regarding annotation support for these frameworks, please consult the Supported Frameworks page.