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Output Location

By default, the generated documentation is put in the target/miredot folder for maven and the build/miredot folder for Gradle. You can override this as follows:

        <location>/my/outputdir</location> <!-- for html and docx output unless overridden -->
miredot {
    output {
        location = '/my/outputdir'
        formats {
            'html' {
                location = '/my/specific/html/outputdir'
            'docx' {
                location = '/my/specific/msword/outputdir'
            'raml' {
                location = '/my/specific/raml/outputdir'

Both relative and absolute paths are allowed. Relative paths are considered to start under target/ if you are using Maven or build/ if you are using Gradle. Please note that Miredot itself does not clear the output directory after every build. Since maven clears the target directory, this is mainly relevant if you specify an absolute output path outside this target directory.