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Introduction Text

You can include an HTML snippet at the top of the generated documentation which allows you to provide an introduction to your API. Just include a file named miredot.htmlintro.html at the root of your project or specify where the file can be found. If you include a file reference, please make sure that the path of the intro file is relative to the execution path of the build process. For example:

miredot {
    output {
        formats {
            'html' {
                intro = 'myfolder/api.html'

This is only available for the html output.


The HTML snippet should not have any HTML scaffolding such as header or body tags. Just start writing what you would otherwise put inside the body tag, as shown below.

<h1>Welcome to our Awesome API</h1>
<p>It really is wonderful</p>

<h2>Main features</h2>
<p>Easy to use, powerful, flexible and lots of other adjectives..</p>

Only basic markup such as headers (h1..h3), paragraphs (p) and links (a) are styled.

Note that images or content other than the HTML intro snippet are not included.