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FAQ  Miredot does not seem to find transitive dependencies


Miredot cannot find a class defined by a transitive dependency. Adding the transitive dependency as a dependency in the pom file fixes the issue, but this is not a desirable solution.

[ERROR] Failed to execute goal com.qmino:miredot-plugin:<version>:restdoc (default) on project <project>: 
    Execution default of goal com.qmino:miredot-plugin:<version>:restdoc failed: 
        A required class was missing while executing com.qmino:miredot-plugin:<version>:restdoc: <class>


This happens due to a bug in Maven (reported here) where the order of the dependency declaration has an effect on the dependency graph.

A possible solution for this issue is to separate your compile and test dependencies from each other. First declare your compile dependencies and then all your test dependencies.