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Latest release: 1.6.0 - March 13th, 2015 - release notes
Spring MVC support arrived - Even better Jax-rs support (subresource locators, security annotations) - many improvements and bug fixes

Plug 'n Play Documentation Generation

MireDot takes the Java code you already have and compiles it into beautiful documentation.
Yes, we handle complex generic transfer objects!

Standard Java Source Code

No additional annotations required.

Build Integration

MireDot plugs straight into your build system.

Beautiful API Documentation

Detailed resource and Json, great search.

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No More Documentation Drift — Sonar-like Source Code Checks

A well documented API is essential. It's hard to keep API documentation in sync with the backend service implementation.
With MireDot you generate your documentation on each build so it is guaranteed to correspond to the implementation. MireDot also analyzes your code and warns you about common mistakes and missing pieces in your Java source code.

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