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FAQ  Cryptographic validation of License fails, causing all builds to fail.


Miredot requires at least Java 1.6.0_u18 in order for the licensing to work securely.

With later versions of Java (newer than 1.6.0_u18, but older than the latest Java 7 version) there is a limit on the maximum SSL prime size (1024 bits). Our build server only allows larger prime sizes, causing the SSL keypair generation to fail.


If you use Java 7, the problem can be resolved by updating to the latest Java 7 version. If this is not an option you can follow the steps below.

  1. Download the unlimited strength cryptography extension (JCE) from the Oracle website. You can find the extensions for java 6 and 7 below:

  2. Unzip this file and copy US_export_policy.jar and local_policy.jar to the <JDK-installation-path>/jre/lib/security folder. The <JDK-installation-path> folder is the home folder of the JDK that you use to build your project.

It is advised to make backups of the original files in this folder in case you want to revert back to them.